2020 Line-Up - Day 1

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Opening Remarks
Introduction to Mindfulness

There is now an abundance of scientific research proving Mindfulness meditation as a contribution to good mental health. Rather than a mystical practice, Mindfulness is simply training for the mind, improving mental fitness. During this session, our speaker will touch upon the key benefits, how to tame the monkey mind, and how practicing mindfulness regularly makes your working life more fulfilling, manageable, and personal life more enriching.

Hannah Loveday, Founder, YogaLoveday

Guest Keynote: From Nowhere to Now Here

A life full of opportunity and challenge. Jacqueline de Rojas CBE, President of TechUK, shares her story; who inspired her, lessons on carving out a career in tech, and why diversity matters.

Jacqueline de Rojas CBE, President, TechUK

Landing The First Woman on The Moon

Space agencies and commercial companies globally are working together to enable humans to return to the lunar surface this decade. What does the future of human and robotic space exploration hold and what does it mean for humanity? We learn about NASA and the European Space Agency’s plans to send the next man and first woman to the Moon and how women in STEM are playing a crucial role internationally in sending humans and robotic explorers to the surface of the Moon and beyond.

Vinita Marwaha Madill, Founder, Rocket Women

Networking, exhibition visit and movement break!
New kid on the block
  • How to develop from the start of your journey to the next stage.
  • How to become recognised without being a pushover.
  • How to steer work your way.
  • What to do when you feel overwhelmed.
There's an imposter in the ranks!
  • Core tips for dealing with imposter syndrome.
  • Realising that you are good enough.
  • Removing the compulsion to overperform.
  • Feeling good about asking for help.
Panel Discussion: Returners are still learners!
  • How to make more women aware of the sideways move into tech.
  • Encouraging women from a non-technical background to upskill to meet the demands of the skills shortage.
  • Raising awareness of tech as a second career: apprenticeship opportunities and mature learning.
  • How to help returners keep up with tech.

Louise McCormack, Acquisition & Lifecycle Manager, Independent News & Media
Sonya Moisset, Lead Security Engineer, Photobox
Marina Brilleman, Global IT Manager – Business Analysis, British American Tobacco
Moderator: Jodi Rilot, Exec Coaching and Leadership Development, Rilot Consulting

Networking, exhibition visit and movement break!
Interactive Discussion: Why won't women apply?

Delegates are invited to join one roundtable discussion with approximately 10 peers. Hosted by a moderator you could discuss the following:

  • Key words and phrases to make job adverts more appealing to women.
  • How can you actively get a more diverse tech team?
  • What benefits should you be offering to make your job adverts more gender neutral?
  • How to encourage applicants from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds.

Moderator: Shola Kaye, Communications Consultant, Shola Kaye

Interactive Discussion: Pardon me, what did you say?
  • How to react to language that is demeaning, whether accidental or deliberate?
  • How to professionally deal with inappropriate behaviour / vocabulary?
  • Top tactics to empower you to deal with the situation. 

Andjela Djukanovic, Assistant Manager - Information Risk Management, KPMG
Moderator: Ann Francke OBE, Chief Executive, Chartered Management Institute

Interactive Discussion: You can't be what you can't see

Delegates are invited to join one roundtable discussion with approximately 10 peers. Hosted by a moderator you could discuss the following:

  • How can the industry create more diverse leaders and therefore role models?
  • How can we make current female tech leaders more visible to younger generations?
  • How can you access people in leadership roles?
  • As a leader, how can you make yourself more accessible?
Panel Discussion: White women as allies
  • How can we encourage women from all backgrounds to apply to the technology industry?
  • How can we use our power and agency to level the playing field for Black women and Ethnic women within tech?
  • How can we support Black women and Ethnic women with their journey in technology?

Charlene Hunter, Founder, Coding Black Females
Moderator: Anne-Marie Imafidon, CEO, Stemettes


Please note: programme is subject to change